Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stripety Stripes.

I have always had a stripe obsession.  On the walls or on the ceiling; on a hat or a shirt; on a vase or on a plate.  For me it doesn't really matter where the stripe appears, just as long as it's present.  They make me smile, they make me feel chic and so I put together some of my favorite stripes.  Forgive me for going a little overboard, but I really can't help myself.

Celerie Kemble. 

Rainbow Stripes No. 4.  Jamie Shelman

Elle Decor.

Large Yellow and White Omaggio Vase by Kahler.  Gretel Home

Elle Decor.

Barca.  Soludos

Domino Magazine.

Amagansett Striped Area Rug.  Designers Guild

 Elle Decor.
  Hattan Charcoal Seersucker Hat.  Steven Allen

 Elle Decor.

Outline Stripe Silk Tie.  Band of Outsiders

Elle Decoration Suite by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Zip Top Case.  Chance

Coastal Living Magazine.

Sailor Shirt by St. James.  Calypso

Elle Decor.

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