Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Cluttered Life.

There has been a lot of talk of clutter lately...The Farris filled my childhood home with imperfectly hung art; bookcase filled with books, photos and loved objects; and beautiful antique furniture.  The 'clutter' to me signified a lived life and a loved home.  I have brought in some of the organized chaos into my own space.  I am connected and attached to the objects in my life, so my bookcase are filled with books I read and the floor is littered with stacks of magazines and shoes.  So to address the subject of clutter, I have decided to post a celebration.  Here are some of my favorite 'cluttered' spaces from The World of Interiors and a book that speaks my language.  

Carl Vercauteren

Carolina and Ian Irving

Catherine Willis

Debo Devonshire

Edward Croft-Murray

Henry Wilson

Luggala in the Wicklow Mountains

Raoul Hague

Simon Costin

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  1. Glad to be in such good company.
    Happy new year to you
    Catherine Willis