Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tray Love.

I am feeling under the weather today, so I decided on a little interior pick-me up in the form of Maria Dahlgren.  A Swedish designer, Maria, created a line of trays and other pieces aimed at the high-end tourist market.  Her graphics remind me of 60s tourist pieces my grandparents collected on their travels.  Njuta!!

 Breakfast in Bed Tray

 Stockholm Tray
 Happy Thoughts Big Mini Tray
 Helsinki Tray

FruKost Tray
London Tray

Maria Dahlgren.  Available at Huset

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Cluttered Life.

There has been a lot of talk of clutter lately...The Farris filled my childhood home with imperfectly hung art; bookcase filled with books, photos and loved objects; and beautiful antique furniture.  The 'clutter' to me signified a lived life and a loved home.  I have brought in some of the organized chaos into my own space.  I am connected and attached to the objects in my life, so my bookcase are filled with books I read and the floor is littered with stacks of magazines and shoes.  So to address the subject of clutter, I have decided to post a celebration.  Here are some of my favorite 'cluttered' spaces from The World of Interiors and a book that speaks my language.  

Carl Vercauteren

Carolina and Ian Irving

Catherine Willis

Debo Devonshire

Edward Croft-Murray

Henry Wilson

Luggala in the Wicklow Mountains

Raoul Hague

Simon Costin

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Apartment Tour.

My studio is up on Apartment Therapy.  Let me know what you think!  (Photo by Bethany Nauert)

Water Debate.

I am constantly debating between plastic and glass water bottles.  I really love the look of a glass water bottle, but the plastic is obviously more durable.  Now the plastics come with a built-in filter, but I can filter my water before it goes into the glass.  I've done my homework, but the debate still goes on, so you decide.

Bobble.  It filters water as you drink in a myriad of colors.

 Decor Craft Incorporated.  Shaped like a traditional plastic bottle, this glass version has an air-tight lid and holds up to 20 ounces.

Nalgene.   This commemorative bottle for The Surfrider Foundation and FilterforGood, doesn't include a filter, but is highly durable, doesn't retain odors and reminds us to reduce our personal waste.

Ikea.   This sturdy glass bottle comes with an air-tight stopper. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Otomi Love.

I have a private love affair with Otomi textiles.  I discovered a hand-me-down fuschia Otomi dress that went down to my ankles, in the house when I was a kid, and claimed it for my own (I still wear it).  Recently the Farris in my life bought a panel of bright red Otomi fabric from Jacaranda Home.  These beautiful Mexican textiles inspire the child in me and I had to share. 

Jacaranda founder, Stefany Gonzalez, focused on sustainable, unique and hand-made items from Mexico, Central and South America.  The intention is to make an impression and leave an imprint.  The incredible colors and soft embroidery definitely make an impression.

Jacaranda: Pronunciation: \ja-ke-ran-de\. 


 Maybe it's the weather, but I'm having a yellow moment today.  All of these bright, saturated yellow tones are filling me with joy.  I might have to buy some daisies today to satisfy the craving.  

Marie Claire Maison

 Jenna Lyons Home. Domino Magazine

Limited Edition Fornasetti Cradle via 1stdibs

Johnathan Adler

Neon Tulle Cami via JCrew

 Kate Spade

 Finnia Rug via Anthropologie

Jamie Drake and Assoc.

Hancock Chartreuse Bookcase via CB2

Celerie Kemble

 Tutti Frutti by Hand & Eye via Keep Calm Gallery

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dedbird Love.

It's possible that I'm biased, she is my sister after all, but Dominoe Farris-Gilbert has officially launched her Etsy site.  Deadbird is a line of incredibly beautiful,  had-crafted feather headpieces.  I generally err on the side of JCrew with my own wardrobe, but every time I have worn a Deadbird piece it has been an amazing night with lots of attention.  Show some love and check out her stuff.  




Here are some of the objects I'm coveting or loving right now.  I'm not quite sure where my mood is this sunny Los Angeles Monday, but I'm torn between the practical and the decorative today, so here is a little of both. 

Apples.  Alyson Fox
Ceramic Tray.  Fornasetti  via Farfetch

Fuji Instax 210 Instant Camera Polaroid

 Alphabet Post Earring.  Melissa Joy Manning

 Moleskin Notebooks

Chinese Art Deco Rug.  via absoluterugs.com 

Soludos Barca Espadrille 

Urbanears Plattan Headphones in White

Here is a little preview from Bethany Nauert.   I knew that they were going to be beautiful, but I'm really blown away.  She really captured the feel of my space and made it look quite impressive.  Thank you so much Bethany.  I can't wait to see your full post.

 Louis XVI Bed with Vivienne Westwood Photograph.

Mid Century Credenza with Crate&Barrel Lamp and assortment of objects.